Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letting Go of Hurt

You may react more strongly than usual to criticism, challenges, and unexpected changes in your environment today. If you feel that your will is being thwarted, you will likely respond severely and sensitively to words and actions never intended to be offensive. You can find relief by taking a break from your daily routine in order to analyze the cause of your feelings. Consider today that few circumstances in life actually have the power to dictate your emotional state. Rather, you likely have simply been hesitant to take full control over your feelings. This can be the perfect time to practice choosing your mood, whether by positive affirmations or a rational examination of each new palette of emotions. 

When we make the conscious decision to actively choose how we respond to stimuli in our environment, what might once have hurt us is rendered powerless. By letting go of our sensitivity to pain caused by sources outside of ourselves, we deny the world around us the right to cause us anguish. Even unexpected situations cannot infringe upon our peace of mind because we understand that while we cannot control what we encounter, we have within us the power to direct the course of our emotional torrent. We can then apply the emotional energy we would otherwise have spent hurting to constructively address those aspects of our own lives we wish to change. Your sensitivity will vanish today once you realize that you ultimately have the ability to control your own feelings.

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