Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's a little reminder about the words we choose which can resonate with old patterns of fear and anxiety. The word "hope" is energetically synonymous with "doubt" when we say things like "I hope things will work out okay" what we are really broadcasting is worry and some measure of doubt.

Try this instead: from now on, replace the word "hope" with the word "trust" and feel the difference in your body. Hope is in the passenger seat, not really sure who is driving or where you are going. Trust is in the driver's seat, fully in command of your intentions and beliefs. You can begin with things like "I trust that you are well" or "I trust that this will work out in the best way" when you speak with others. It does feel rather awkward at first, but you will soon become aware of just how often you are using this emotionally ungrounded word!

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