Sunday, December 9, 2012

As we move forward into the energy of this transformative shift on Earth, most of us will be able to observe the old, fearful ways struggling to maintain their grasp on the hearts and minds of Humanity.  For as long as humans have walked upon the planet, we have learned from the lessons of duality: this is good and that is bad; this is wrong and that is right...all subjective judgments based on our own perceptions.  

It is the choice of each one of us to determine whether to put our energy into fear or into Love...especially now.  We will be inundated with negativity from all sides (sometimes from the places we'd least expect it), forecasting dire warnings, asking us to keep our focus and energy firmly rooted in the old belief system of angst, doom and change through crisis.

When you come upon these invitations, please remember that you live upon the planet of Free Will.  You are able to choose which belief you will carry.  Call upon your loving Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and the wisdom of your Higher Self as you navigate through this time of change.  If certain messages, images or forecasts feel frightening to you, stop right there and ask Spirit to provide you with the Universal Truth of Love.  Turn away from that which is filled with fear!  You chose long ago to be on this planet at this time, anchoring the Light during our profound evolution.  And it's much easier to hold this Light when you are calm, confident, trusting and aware of the fact that your beliefs are always within your command. 

As for those who continue to promote the belief in fear, perhaps we can look upon it as their personal contribution to Humanity's evolution by showing us what not to do. 

Always choose Love, Dear Ones!  You will be guided through this time of change by the loving hand of  Spirit.  Walk forward with trust in your hearts that ALL is just as it should be in EVERY moment.

With Love and Light~


Elizabeth said...

Susette, Thank you for this post -- it's wonderful food for thought!

Susette said...

You are most welcome, Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your positive energy with me!

With Love and Light~