Monday, July 22, 2013

Humor begets joy. You cannot have joy in your life without
humor connected with it. 
 Imagine a candle, and the wax of 
the candle is joy, and the wick of the candle is you. The 
candle stands there inactive. Nothing happens with the wax 
(the joy). It is suspended in a shaft that is going nowhere, 
but is poised and ready. Then the light and flame of humor 
is assigned to the wick (you). It will start to melt the 
joy and activate it. You can smell it, and the joy then 
becomes pliable. It is working, it gives off light, it is 
alive -- because of the humor that is applied to it. Humor 
is the catalyst for joy. Joy begets peace and melts the 
Human heart. Do you understand what we're saying? 
 Use this. 
Use it in all things!

~Kryon~ Book 6, "Peace and Power in the New Age"

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