Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Devic Tribute to Man

I come from afar, breathless with wonder at the Divine courage of Man immersed in the clouds of human life.  Assaulted by direct attack of demonic forces, confused, bewildered, uncertain of his path, he nevertheless moves with a sultry splendour to his appointed destiny.

Buffeted on every side, knowing no security in Heaven nor on Earth, he dares to move onward to no certain goal, unconquered and unafraid.

The trail that Man will ultimately leave across the heavens commands the awe and reverence of all beings.  It is no slight honor to be a human upon this planet.  It is a tribute to Man's divinity that he dares to take so terrible and so swift a path to victory.  Remember these truths in the dark days of the world, whenever they come upon you.

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